Thanks so much for making this year a success! 

We raised $10,800 for the Ronald McDonald House Charity!


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You can also walk with us to raise awareness for the fundraiser and receive more tickets by walking at least 10,000 steps per day for 24 out of 30 consecutive days. Do this over the course of April and May and you can add two additional tickets to your name.

Start tracking your steps April 1, 2021 and continue through until June 30, 2021.
Prizes will be drawn in July of 2021.

Prizes for this year:

  • Grand Prize: 1 x $500.00 (from Dr Matt)
  • 5 x $100.00 (from Dr Matt)
  • ​Pine Cone Music Package - Lessons + Guitar
  • One Month of Fitness at GT Athletics
  • Home Hardware Gift Card from Kaven Construction
  • ​McMaster's Meat Gift Card
  • ​Oral B 2000 Smart Toothbrush from Argyll Dental (Dr. Hacking)
  • Kid's Birthday Party with Big Machines sponsored by Issa at Premier Construction
  • Epicure Package sponsored by Mallory
  • ​Creature Comforts - Special Squirrel Buster Legacy
  • Car Detailing Package - Christian Febel at Georgetown Toyota
  • Fitness Classes and farm fresh eggs for one person from Farm Girl Fitness (Coach Jessie)
  • ​$200 Visa Card from Lee Gonchar - (Royal Lepage Realty)
  • ​LED Professional Tooth Whitening Kit from Lisa at TLC Dental Hygiene
  • FitBit Versa 2 from Justin Jeffery - Jeffery Group Real Estate (Keller Williams)
  • Davines Shampoo, Conditioner and Product pack (valued at $100) from Cassidy at Indaba Hair Studio
  • Golf swag bag ($100 gift card, $250 value in accessories: pro V1 dozen, head covers, hat) from Golf Canada
  • Gift certificate to Elizabeth's
  • Community Caring Box from Caroline and Connie


On September 27, 2019 we had our third baby. A boy named Mylo. My wife and I both thought we'd be having a third girl :) ... but to our surprise a beautiful baby boy was born.
He was born with Esophageal Atresia / Tracheal Esophageal Fistula (EA/TEF). It's a rarity. Basically your food pipe is blocked (or not attached depending on the variation) and your wind pipe is attached to your food pipe (this is not good). Right away we new something was not quite right.
We were transported to Sick Kids in what seemed like a blink. Sarah (my wife) and I followed behind the ambulance and when we arrived at Sick Kid's we were briefed by one of the docs. By this time it was about 2am (as Mylo was born just after 10pm by Mid-Wife).
[As an aside... my wife's sister also had a beautiful baby boy just after 6pm that same night... imagine that? :) - a cousin born on the exact same day! ]
On Day 2 of life, Mylo underwent a 3.5 hour surgery for correction. By late Sunday afternoon Mylo was out of surgery and now it was time for his body to do it's healing.
Mylo was fed through a surgically placed NG Tube (nose to stomach). On Day 7 of life Sarah tried to breastfeed Mylo and was successful at first but then he decided he just wasn't ready. We were really saddened by this because Sarah knew the longer we waited to have that connection (with mother/baby) the less likely he would be to breastfeed ... but he just wasn't ready. It was time to be more patient. (When you think about how long a scab and new tissue takes to lay down for healing - you can imagine - he just wasn't there yet on day 6 post surgery).
On what we thought would be a week or two stay at Sick Kid's turned into a 43 day stay. (which is short compared to most - we are grateful). The time we spent at the Ronald House was equal to 30 days. It just so happens this is the average time a family will stay at the Ronald McDonald House. The cost without the charity would be $183 / day to stay there. Therefore, 30 days would be about $5500 - which is my goal with the fundraiser.
Sarah stayed at the hospital by his side. Which we both felt was incredibly important for him to know we were present. I went back and forth everyday to the hospital between my Chiropractic practice and looking after the kids at home. The only reason I could do this was because my mother-in-law lived at our home temporarily to look after our older two children. We are incredibly grateful to all of our parents and family who helped during this time.
I took one day off visiting Mylo in the hospital... only because my girls needed me at home that day and my oldest had an open house at school. And I took one day (Saturday) off in my practice during this 43 day period. So, when I mention in my posts #tndo (take no days off) - it's of that mindset... I know the parents at Sick Kids and the Ronald House have no choice and take no days off. So, when ever I think about taking days off this is where that comes from. You can change your pace and scale this back... but some small progress needs to be made everyday towards your mission (goals).
Mylo fed through an NG tube for most of his stay at the hospital - however, he needed to get off of it and prove he could eat in order to go home. Sarah and I were determined for Mylo to leave the hospital as a breastfeeding baby. Sarah had a preference for breastfeeding compared to the bottle and wanted what she felt was that connection with Mylo. We were told at the time that only one other baby they had seen leave the hospital breastfeeding who had this challenge.

The last Friday we were there we did what was called "care by parent" - where the nurses checked in only once a shift and it was up to us to care for Mylo in the hospital setting. (For this we were extremely grateful).
It was here that Sarah and I decided to let go of the breast pump and bottle feeding and take a leap of faith that Mylo would breast feed...
Over the weekend Mylo was able to feed from the breast and by Sunday - he passed his car seat test and was ready to go home. On Sunday November 10 - Mylo came home after 43 days at Sick Kids.
I am incredibly grateful for emergency medicine. The nurses and doctors were amazing. The hospital staff, security, restaurant servers and Starbucks baristas were incredible. We met many great people.
However, because of this experience - I am more passionate about health and healing than ever before. The principles of health and healing applied here as they do everyday. Once the surgeons did their job - who did the healing? Mylo's body.
I am excited about our infinite potential as humans and the message of health (through a healthy functioning spine and nerve system). You'll notice I share many of the principles of health (and lifestyle tips) on my social feeds. I also deliver many of these tips in my emails. On how we can better care for ourselves and reach our highest potential.

Thank you for considering to be a part of our mission.


Dad, husband, Chiropractor, athlete, and speaker.